Adwords Text

Internet advertising jargon can be confusing!


The text that you create to show on the Google Search results page when your keywords are searched for. An Adwords campaign normally consists of several Adverts.



The bid is the maximum you want to pay for every click on your advert. There are many ways to reduce the amount you have to bid to successfully get your advert shown at the top of Page 1 on Google, and this is where using a professional Google Adwords manager can save you money.



This is the maximum amount of money you want to designate to your campaign. A Google Adwords campaign with a budget that is too low may stop showing adverts earlier in the day.



Your Adwords campaign consists of all your advertising data – your adverts, keywords, budgets,  location targets and more.


CPC – Cost Per Click

Cost per click is the amount of money that you have paid for a Google user to click on your advert.


CTR – Click Through Rate

This is the percentage of times your advert was clicked, divided by the amount of times it was shown.



An ‘impression’ is the name for your advert being displayed to a user. Every time your advert is displayed is 1 impression.



Keywords are the words or phrases that you want to bid on to get your advert to show. If you have bid successfully on “Widget for sale”, then anytime someone types that phrase into Google, they will see your advert at the top of the page.


Google adwords example

Example of Google Search results page

Organic Listing/Result

Your ‘organic’ result is your website rank when searched for a particular keyword,  without any type of search engine marketing.


PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a pricing structure whereby you only pay everytime your advert is ‘clicked’ on the sponsored search results. With Google Adwords, if your advert is shown a hundred times, but only clicked once – you only pay for one click (up to your maximum bid amount).



Your Rank is the position your advert appears when searched for relevant keywords. The higher a website ranks, the more likely it is to be ‘clicked’. Part of the Adwords campaign management is to ensure that your advert rank is always as high as possible.


Search Engine

Search Engines are programs that are used to find information over the internet. Various search engines include ‘Bing’, ‘Yahoo’, and ‘Ask’. ‘Google’ is by far the most popular search engine in the World.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the practise of paying for listings to appear at the top of search results. Adwords is the name of paid-for advertising on Google.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of making changes to the format and text on your website to make it more likely to be found by search engines. This can be a long process, and can sometimes take weeks or months for any changes to have an effect on your listing.



Search Engine Results Page(s). Simply put, the search engine page that shows the results from a search query.