Why PageCrest?

Unlike other less reputable firms, I prefer to operate by customers approaching me. I don’t offer wild promises, guarantees which are not worth the paper they’re written on, and I don’t cold call offering a hard-sell. My business is built on mutual trust – there are no contracts, and the results speak for themselves. I have several clients who have cut their Adwords expenditure by as much as 75%, while attracting more interest from the type of customer that they are looking for.



I am a ‘Qualified Individual’, specialising in Search Marketing. This means I have passed relevant exams through Google.com to prove competance in successfully creating and managing Google Adwords campaigns on behalf of clients. The confirmation of certification can be found here: Ashley White, Search Engine Marketing Specialist





The first step to creating a successful Google Adwords campaign is to discuss what your goals are. There are several things to consider – e.g. Are you trying to promote a particular product/service? Trying to increase brand awareness? Are there any particular areas you want to target (or avoid)?

Once I have an idea of what you are hoping to achieve, I can generate a list of keywords and adverts to help. I can set a monthly budget so that you never spend more than you feel comfortable with, and review your website to suggest any changes to help reduce costs and improve results.

A short while after the campaign goes live, I will review it to see if there are any improvements that can be made, and make further recommendations to budget, website, or advert changes for your consideration.

Once the campaign is established, it will undergo regular review (at least once a month) to ensure that it is running a efficiently as possible. If you want to make amendments to your campaign – to focus on a new product, promote a special offer, or target a new area, then you can get in touch and the changes will be made as soon as possible.

Don’t have a website? I can help with that too! Just send an Email and let me know what you need and I can give you more information.

If you already have an Adwords account, please get in touch for a free, no obligation review of your campaign.