The PageCrest Google Adwords fees are made up of 2 parts;

The first part is the setup fee – this includes the creation of your Adwords campaign, and website where necessary.

The second part is the monthly cost.  The monthly cost is made up of the Adwords management fee (make sure your campaign is always as efficient as it can be, and add new keywords/adverts as required), as well as the actual spend on Google advertising. This is a MAXIMUM amount, 65% of clients don’t hit their monthly advertising budget so their costs come in considerably lower than the amount they have set. If you’re unsure of how much you’re likely  to need, take a look here

Clients who are new to Google Adwords will have their accounts credited with bonus money on creation of a new campaign!

  • This form will calculate the upfront fees, as well as the relevant monthly costs of your campaign (including management fees)
  • If you'd like a copy of this estimate sent to your e-mail, please complete the details below.