N.E. Cabs

A small taxi firm got in touch to request a new design to replace their old single page website. The owner felt that his site wasn’t ranking well with Google, and competitors were getting a larger share of customers by having a better looking site, and a more efficient Google Adwords campaign.

Taxi company website

The brief was to target the local town (Pontypridd), appealing to the student population, and highlighting the companies features which set it apart from local competition. It was also important, given the nature of the companies target customer, that the site be mobile-friendly. When viewed on a mobile device, the site includes a ‘Click-To-Call’ icon, so that viewers can dial the taxi number without having to find a pen!

With almost total control of the site, it was ideal for optimising the text to run alongside a Google Adwords campaign – which resulted in higher ranking adverts, at a lower CPC than was being achieved prior to the re-design.

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