How much should you budget?

I’m often asked is ‘How much should I spend on Adwords?’. People are often nervous that their spending is going to spiral out of control, which given the cost of some forms of advertising is a reasonable concern.

One of the main benefits of Google Adwords is the control you have over spending. Once you have decided on a monthly budget, it’s easy to cap your spending so things don’t get out of hand. But how much you should spend is of course another matter. It’s important to remember that Adwords marketing is purely reactive (unlike newspaper ads, leaflets, cold calling etc) – you only show your advert to people who are actively looking for what you’re offering. That said, as a sole trader/small company it’s important to keep a tight rein on your expenses. The table below gives some idea what to budget when using Google Adwords for the first time.

adword budget suggestions

A guide to establishing a monthly budget

I hope you find this guide useful – if you need a more personalised suggestion, then get in touch, or add your comment below.

Good luck!

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