What should I put in my Ad?

You don’t have to be Stephen King to write a compelling Adwords Ad. However, it is worth spending a little time to come up with something which is going to attract your customers.

Your Adwords ad is the first point of contact which your (potential) customer uses to decide whether to investigate your company further, or not. A good ad should have a ‘call to action’ (‘Call Now!’, ‘Book online’ etc), as well as highlighting any of your Unique Selling Points (USPs). If you’re having a sale, got stock of the latest must-have item, or have anything that sets you apart from the rest – this is the place to shout about it!

Of course, the flip side is that your ad should only reflect what viewers are going to find if they do click on your ad. If someone is searching for tennis shoes, and you sell ballet shoes, then any clicks to your site are going to result in very short visits. This not only wastes the viewers time, but YOU pay for the privilege!  It’s also worth baring in mind that even if viewers don’t click on your ad, then everytime your ad is displayed and NOT clicked on, your Click-Through-Rate is reduced. This means that you end up paying more for future clicks.

Another important point is that you should have several ads for every set of keywords. Using Google’s default settings, your ads will be rotated evenly until it becomes clear which ad is more efficient. After a while, you should notice that certain ads get shown more than others, this can help to determine what appeals to your target market.

As always, if you’ve got anything to add, please comment below :)

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